Strategic Advisory Services

As the government landscape continues to evolve, Artlin is committed to remaining versatile and innovative. Routinely improving processes allows organizations to continue satisfying customers and maintain their competitive edge. By redesigning each process when needed, especially regarding advances in technology and operational improvements, organizations are better prepared for the future and reduce the risk of stagnation. At Artlin, we’re uniquely skilled in business process design and approach. We also understand the tools that generate value through cost savings and reduced cycle times, increasing process quality with customer satisfaction. 

Working closely with key stakeholders, we develop detailed process maps that identify gaps and inefficiencies. As a result, solutions and guides for incorporating each new process from the ground up are more easily defined. Over the years we’ve fine-tuned our methods for successfully re-engineering business processes. Senior leadership and operations are a vital part in accomplishing this, and we fully hold our staff to this high level of understanding. We establish clear lines of accountability and ownership, ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page and committed to significant and sustainable operations improvements.

The Artlin Advantage

Our focus on transparency and efficiency improvement helps our clients discover value while ensuring compliance with regulations and standards. Our best practice-based approach includes the following: clarify each business direction, strategically focus on the desired outcomes, define and scope vital priorities, conduct financial investigations and modeling, and develop road maps. Implementing these best practices allows the establishment of new business processes that manage prototype development across multiple capability sets. 

An agile development methodology has been implemented to adapt to the government Accountability Office’s (GAO) needs and show iterative progress towards their development goals. Artlin has created a unique, agile approach which allows the government to own their product and processes, ensuring that the software met GAO needs and could be handed off at the end of the development period.