Data Management and Governance

Our team is composed of data analysts and scientists from diverse backgrounds, including consultants with over 30 years of experience. We solve real problems by using technical and analytical expertise to explore and examine data and collaboratively develop new analytical products and tools. In addition to analytics, data management and governance are crucial for the success of an organization. These criteria are vital for making critical business decisions; but finding, understanding, and trusting the right data can be challenging. We aim to improve data analytics strategies and capabilities across the government, especially in the areas of process improvement, policy development, defense acquisition, federal budgeting, and government contracting. To fulfill this mission we develop new data analytics products and solutions that provide better data metrics, visualizations, and improvements to existing data systems within the organization and synthesizing solutions.

The Artlin Advantage

At Artlin, we manage the availability, usability, integrity, and security of data used in our clients’ enterprises. Our mastery of technical and analytical processes allows us to explore and examine data from multiple disparate sources. We have the capacity to discover patterns and previously hidden insights, provide process efficiencies, and address pressing business problems.

Team Artlin developed a governance process to manage the standardization of data across the Department of Defense Acquisition Community. This included the development of products that made it easier to identify all areas where data changes needed to be addressed and ultimately agreed upon by stakeholders at all levels. We have developed the Acquisition Visibility Data Framework. The framework cataloged hundreds of data elements within the DoD Acquisition Community. By cataloging the data elements, the DoD Acquisition Community is seeing a clear connection between the data elements in the enterprise; the business processes, laws, regulations, and policies that govern that data; and the systems that data is being used in.
We improved data security by evaluating Federal and Defense policies and instructions for the proper implementation of Acquisition Visibility (AV) Information Security Program. Also, we developed and provided training to AV members on the proper controls and dissemination of acquisition information and data.